We hope you’re as excited as we are!

We broke ground a few months ago, and renovations are finally almost complete ! We’re so excited to invite you inside to show you all of the work we’ve put into making Zoie’s #aplceforeveryone.

There’s so much happening on-site: walls going up, floors being completed, decor being finalized! We’re literally bursting with excitement to complete all of these final details so that we can open to the public.

Owner Jeff Baker, created Zoie’s with EVERYONE in mind. He believes that we all deserve a seat at the table, regardless of political beliefs, sexual orientation, or any of the other silly details that seem to be dividing our country. Zoie’s will be #aplaceforeveryone to enjoy amazing ‘Modern Southern Comfort Food”, craft cocktails, and one-of-a-kind drag shows and performances that the entire family can enjoy!

We can’t wait to finish the renovations and officially open! We hope to see you there when we do. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get updates and the official opening news and info! Click the link below now to sign up: